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During the Winter months, you can see if the courses are open, closed or have any restrictions by clicking the Course Conditions button on the left.

2017 Monthly Weekday Afternoon Passes

Monthly Weekday Afternoon Passes are available for purchase at each golf course's pro shop.  In 2017, the Monthly Weekday Afternoon Pass program has been extended to include the months of November and December.  The program will operate from April through December in 2017.

The monthly passes allow unlimited play and use of a golf cart for one person on weekdays after 12:00pm during the month(s) and golf courses listed on the pass.  A full Season Pass (April-December) is available, and special pricing is available if multiple months are purchased at one time.

Click Here for more information.

Callaway Demo Day
at Pine Ridge Driving Range
Thursday, March 23rd


Representatives from Callaway will be at the Pine Ridge Driving Range to evaluate your current equipment and provide you with the best recommendations to optimize ball flight and control while delivering maximum distance with the latest adjustable equipment.

What's involved in getting fit?

Driver Fittings - The fitters will put you through a state of the art fitting process to find the proper spin, launch angle and ball speed to maximize your distance and accuracy.

Iron Fittings - The fitters will help you determine what shaft flex, weight and club head design will best fit your game.

CLICK HERE to register for an appointment with the Callaway club fitters.

2017 Thirsty Boyz Tour

Only a few spots remain in the Thirsty Boyz Tour. The Tour encourages great golf with good friends in a competitive atmosphere.  Each week the tour will hold an event at one of the 18-hole Classic Five Golf Courses. Multiple competitions are held each week and over the entire season, which runs from April 4th-September 26th.

Click Here for more information and to sign-up online.

The Baltimore Junior Golf Tour is intended to provide junior golfers an opportunity for competitive golf.  The Tour is open to junior players of all ages and abilities.  Boys' and Girls' Flights are offered in divisions determined by age.

Click Here for more information and to register your child for the tour.

Off-Season Greens Fee Rates
Begin on Monday November 21st

Beginning Monday, November 21, 2016, off-season greens fees will be in effect; below are some of the off-season Player Card greens fee rates.  Click on the golf course name below for a complete list of that course’s off-season greens fee rates:

Carroll Park Clifton Park Forest Park Mount Pleasant Pine Ridge

As always, golfers are permitted to walk at any time when they play.  Subtract the appropriate cart fee ($7.00 for 18-Holes and $3.50 for 9-Holes and Twilight) from greens fee rates to calculate walking rates.

Weekday Player Card Greens Fees
(Includes Cart Fee)

Twilight 1 Twilight 2 Twilight 3 Twilight 4
Pine Ridge $36.00 $27.50 $21.50 $17.50 $11.50
Mount Pleasant $30.00 $25.50 $19.50 $15.50 $9.50
Clifton Park $25.00 $19.50 $14.50 $12.50 $8.00
Forest Park $25.00 $19.50 $14.50 $12.50 $8.00
Carroll Park $18.50 $15.50 $12.00    

Weekend Player Card Greens Fees
(Includes Cart Fee)

Twilight 1 Twilight 2 Twilight 3 Twilight 4
Pine Ridge $44.00 $29.50 $22.50 $19.50 $13.50
Mount Pleasant $35.00 $27.50 $21.50 $17.50 $11.50
Clifton Park $31.00 $20.50 $15.50 $13.50 $9.00
Forest Park $31.00 $20.50 $15.50 $13.50 $9.00
Carroll Park $21.00 $16.00 $12.50    

Award Points

Earned award points can be used during the calendar year that they were earned.

Players Card holders earn award points on food and beverage purchases at the golf course’s clubhouses and at the Pine Ridge Driving Range.  Award points are non-transferable and cannot be used to purchase BMGC Gift Cards.


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