Course Rules

Course Rules

The following rules apply to all Classic Five Golf Courses.

Dress code:

Players must wear golf attire and footwear on the course.  The required attire includes clothing that has been either manufactured and/or specifically designed to wear on the golf course (recognizing that there can be varying designs and styles within that category of sports/golf clothing).  The following clothing is not permitted: cut-off shorts, tank tops, halter tops, mesh shirts, swimming attire and any dress of similar nature.

Footwear must be designed for golf, tennis or jogging. Footwear that has metal and/or ceramic spikes will not be permitted. Deep-soled work boots, climbing boots, or baseball cleats, etc. are not permitted.


No coolers, other than personal-use thermos, are permitted on the golf course at any time.


All of our golf courses have a beer, wine and liquor license. No outside alcoholic beverages are permitted on the golf course property, and all guests must be able to provide valid identification for the purchase of alcoholic beverages.

When golf carts are due-in in the evening:

Golf carts are due back to the clubhouse at dusk.