Course Rules

Course Rules

The following rules apply to all Classic Five Golf Courses.

All players are responsible for any damage caused by golf balls that they hit.
Each player must have their own set of golf clubs and golf bag.

Dress code:

Players must wear golf attire and footwear on the course.  The required attire includes clothing that has been either manufactured and/or specifically designed to wear on the golf course (recognizing that there can be varying designs and styles within that category of sports/golf clothing).  The following clothing is not permitted: cut-off shorts, tank tops, halter tops, mesh shirts, swimming attire and any dress of similar nature.

Footwear must be designed for golf, tennis or jogging. Footwear that has metal and/or ceramic spikes will not be permitted. Deep-soled work boots, climbing boots, or baseball cleats, etc. are not permitted.

Tee Times:

Golfers need to arrive at least 20 minutes before their tee time to provide enough time to check-in, and to guarantee that they are at the first tee and ready to play when it is their tee time. The tee time is when golfers should be teeing off on the first hole. If a golfer is late for their tee time, staff will attempt to get them on the course as soon as possible without creating too many issues for other golfers.

Number of Players:

The Golf Course reserves the right to send all groups off the tee as foursomes.


No coolers, other than personal-use thermos, are permitted on the golf course at any time.


All of our golf courses have a beer, wine and liquor license. No outside alcoholic beverages are permitted on the golf course property, and all guests must be able to provide valid identification for the purchase of alcoholic beverages.

Golf Carts:

Warning. Babies, toddlers and small children under five years old are not allowed to ride on a golf cart. Golf courses have uneven surfaces and, a child needs to be able to hold on by himself or herself. This policy is for the safety of the children.

Players must be 18 years old or older with a valid driver’s license to rent a golf cart.

When golf carts are due-in in the evening:

Golf carts are due back to the clubhouse at dusk.

Single Carts:

Sometimes single carts will not be available to rent due to the volume of tee time bookings that day or if a number of golf carts are out of service with mechanical issues. IF AVAILABLE, single carts can be rented for an additional fee on weekdays and after 12:00pm on weekends. If no single cart is desired or not available, golfers will pay the regular posted rate for golf and cart fees assuming they are riding in the same cart with their playing partners or paired grouping.

Children on the Golf Course:

Children under six (6) years of age that can walk on their own and keep up with pace of play are allowed on the course with adult supervision, a set of clubs and a paid greens fee. If playing FootGolf, a set of clubs are not required but a paid greens fee is.

Rain Checks:

Players are eligible to receive a percentage of their playing fees depending on the number of holes played in the form of a Rain Check should inclement weather prevent a player from finishing their round and are only available for redemption at the golf course that the Rain Check was generated. Rain Checks are not available due to darkness. Greens fee pricing for tee times later in the day are priced to account for the limited number of holes that can be played due to darkness.

Pets/Animals on the Golf Course:

While we understand the relationship many golfers have with their pets, we do not allow pets on the golf courses or driving ranges in order to provide a safe and enjoyable experience to all of our patrons.

Golf Pass Programs:

Besides the Classic Five Golf Courses Afternoon and Annual Pass programs, there are only two pass programs that the Classic Five Golf Courses are participating: Tee Time Golf Pass and Victory Golf Pass.

An online golf pass program that is fraudulently listing the Classic Five Golf Courses as courses that are participating in their program is the Players Pass. We are working to have our golf courses removed.