Off-Season Greens Fee Rates Begin
Monday, November 2nd

Off-season greens fees will be in effect starting Monday, November 2, 2020. During the off-season months, please check the Course Conditions on our web site ( or call the golf course to check the latest course conditions and confirm that the course is open for play before coming out to the golf course.

During the off-season, weather conditions may force us to close one or all golf courses on a day-to-day basis. The weather in Baltimore during the winter months can be challenging for our golf courses with quickly changing conditions and temperatures, and we want to keep our customers informed.

Click Here for a file with all of the golf courses' off-season greens and cart fee rates.

As always, golfers are permitted to walk at any time when they play. Subtract the appropriate cart fee from the appropriate greens fee rate to calculate walking rates. Cart fees are listed at the bottom of the golf courses' off-season greens and cart fee rates. The posted greens fee rates for Juniors, Replays, and FootGolf at Carroll Park are walking rates.

Environmental Initiative to Plant Trees and
Control Storm Water Runoff

Baltimore Municipal Golf Corporation (BMGC) is partnering with the Gunpowder Valley Conservancy (GVC) to plant 100 - 125 new native trees at Pine Ridge and install microbioretention practices and rain gardens near the clubhouse and driving range to control storm water runoff from the buildings. This project is part of a long-term initiative that BMGC plans to implement at all of the Classic 5 Golf Courses (Carroll Park, Clifton Park, Forest Park, and Mount Pleasant).

This reforestation effort is essential because Loch Raven Reservoir’s white pine stands are dying due to maturity, disease, and invasive plant damage. Gunpowder Valley Conservancy and Baltimore City Department of Public Works are in partnership to restore a healthy forest and its biodiversity with native hardwood species of trees and shrubs. GVC began this project in 2014 at Pine Ridge Golf Course with a pilot planting of 95 native trees. To date, GVC has planted over 1,600 trees around Pine Ridge Golf Course with an estimated total of 2,100 trees by the end of 2021.


2020 Monthly Weekday Afternoon Passes

Monthly Weekday Afternoon Passes are available for purchase at each golf course's pro shop and online. The Monthly Weekday Afternoon Pass program will operate from now through December 2020. Also passes are available to purchase with a golf cart included or without a golf cart.

Click Here for more information and/or to purchase an Monthly Weekday Afternoon Pass online.

Classic Five Golf Courses are Open

Tee times can be reserved online or by contact the golf course you wish to play. Currently, golf carts are restricted to only one person per cart during the round. If you want to utilize a golf cart during your round, please click the 'Book A Tee Time' button above to go to the online reservation page. If you and your playing partners plan to walk during your round, please call the golf course to make your reservation. Upon entering any building, customers are required to continue to wear a mask or face covering. Only six customers are permitted to be in any building at any one time and must stay at least six feet apart from one another. Currently, golf carts are restricted to only one person per cart during the round. Golfers, as always, can walk at any time.

We will continue to follow the guidelines set forth by the Maryland Department of Health and the CDC. We thank you for your cooperation during this time and we are thrilled to welcome you back to our courses!

At all golf courses, the cup will be sunk into the ground at the normal level. However, the cup will be turned upside down which will enable the golf ball to partially go into the hole, but more importantly allow golfers to only touch their golf ball when removing it. Also, all flagsticks must always stay in the cup. They are not to be removed when golfers are putting.

At the Pine Ridge Driving Range buckets can only be purchased at the machine utilizing a credit card or a Driving Range Bonus Card.

The following high touch items will be removed from the clubhouses, golf carts, golf courses, and the Pine Ridge Driving Range:

Golf Carts: All divot mix bottles will be removed

Golf Courses: All bunker rakes, water coolers, and ball washers will be removed

Pine Ridge Driving Range: All bag racks, chairs and benches will be removed

Online Tee Time Reservations
Available by Player Card Type

Click the Book A Tee Time button above, you will be taken to a different page. This page (photo below) has five buttons to enable you to search tee times by your Player Card membership type. The page also highlights the process to log in to reserve a tee time online. This process enables you to search tee times by your Player Card type before you log in. It also enables you to see greens fee (with cart) rates for your Player Card type and the Public rate.

There is also information on this page that explains possible reasons you may receive an error message during the log-in process. Please note that using the Public button to reserve a tee time does not obligate you to pay the Public greens fee rate. It only is reserving the tee time for you. The payment of greens and carts fees are collected at the pro shop when you check-in for your tee time. Our pro shop staff can supply you with the correct greens and cart fees depending on your Player Card type.

By separating the online tee time reservations by Player Card types, we are also able to provide online greens fee specials like, book early, pay less; weather specials; and time of day deals. Our best greens fees will always be at

Deleting a Tee Time Reservation

If you need to delete a tee time reservation that you have reserved online, please click the 'Book A Tee Time' button above.  Scroll down and click the button of your Player Card type.  If you do not have a Player Card and reserved a tee time online, click the Public button.  In the upper right corner, click the link, Sign In.  Sign in with your user name and password.  In the upper right corner, you will see the words My Account.  Move the cursor over the words and click the menu line that says Pending.  This will show all upcoming tee time reservations that you have.  Find the tee time reservation that you would like to delete and click the X that is on the right of the reservation line.  Follow the steps asking you to confirm that you would like to delete this tee time reservation.

Receive Emails and/or Texts from the Classic 5 Golf Courses

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